Special Abilities
Married Status
Maid No.
* Please feel free to contact us at 2233 4343 if you are looking for maids with special abilities,caregiver or driver.

TECHNIC provides the most comprehensive one-stop service to employers. From simply request online, match and screen in real-time, arrange video or face to face interviews with foreign domestic helpers, handle contract and visa matters, arrange body check-up to domestic helpers, pick-up helpers in Hong Kong airport and transfer them to TECHNIC boarding house, assist helpers to report to consulates and apply for HKID, another body check-up after landing Hong Kong, pre-employment lecture, and provide free translation.

Package Offers:

  • Consulate contract fee and processing fee
  • Medical checkup before arrival to Hong Kong and departure expenses
  • Hong Kong Immigration entry visa fee
  • Single air ticket to Hong Kong
  • Pick up of domestic helper from the airport to our office
  • Domestic helpers compensation insurance for one year
  • Medical checkup in Hong Kong, including Hepatitis, HIV, Sexually

   Transmitted Diseases, Pregnancy & Chest X-rays

  • Assist domestic helpers to report to their respective consulates in

    Hong Kong and applying for a HK identity card upon the first arrival

  • 1 years guarantee, free translation of document and respective Labour Ordinances consultation
  • Employer’s Handbook


Overseas Package Service Charge 
Philippines Overseas Package HK$12,980 up 
Indonesia  Overseas Package HK$12,980 up 
Thai Overseas Package HK$10,880 
Sri Lanka Overseas Package HK$9,880 
Bangladesh Overseas Package HK$9,880
CAREGIVER HK$13,980 up


Package Offers:

  • Respective consulate general contact fee
  • Hong Kong immigration entry visa fee
  • Medical check-up before application
  • Processing fee in Hong Kong


*excluding the immigration process fee of domestic helpers from home country and air ticker to Hong Kong

Local Package Service Charge 
Philippines Local Package HK$14,980 
Indonesia  Local Package HK$15,980
Thai Local Package HK$10,880 
Sri Lanka Local Package HK$9,880 
Bangladesh Local Package HK$11,980
Renewal Service (*depends on different countries) HK$1,500 up

Package Offers:

  • Respective consulate general contract fee
  • Hong Kong immigration entry visa fee
  • Application and processing fee in Hong Kong
  • Documents & departure process in overseas
  • Transportation from helpers’ place of origin to Hong Kong


Direct Hire Oversea Package Service Charge 
Philippines Direct Hire Package HK$5,678
Indonesia  Direct Hire Package HK$11,980 
Thai Direct Hire Package HK$10,880 
Sri Lanka Direct Hire Package
Bangladesh Direct Hire Package HK$9,880