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Domestic Helper Protector

Peace of mind for you and your domestic helper


In order to fulfill the employer's responsibilities and compliances of Hong Kong, employers are not only obliged to take out employees' compensation insurance for domestic helper to protect against accidental losses. If the domestic helper falls ill or encounters an unfortunate accident, the employer must be responsible all the medical expenses for the domestic helper. "Technic Employment" recommend that you can consider the following foreigh domestic helper insurance plans with different coverages:


Domestic Helper Protector –:Basic Plan (1&5)
  • Employer's liability (employees' compensation insurance)
  • Personal accidents (Hospitalization & surgical expenses)
Domestic Helper Protector:Comprehensive Plan (1~10)

This plan offers basic coverage with extended protection in addition:

  • Clinical expenses
  • Hospitalization & surgical expenses
  • Dental expenses
  • Temporary cash allowance
  • Repatriation expenses
  • Replacement helper expenses
  • Fidelity guarantee
  • Third party liability (max. amount HK$500,000 in annual aggregate)
Domestic Helper Protector : + Optional Cover

This plan offers comprehensive coverage with upgraded protection:

  • Additional cancer or heart disease
  • Higher benefits up to HK$100,000 in aggregate for surgical and hospitalization
  • Laboratory test expenses up to HK$5,000


*Detail of terms & conditions please refer to the brochures and policy*


Home Plus Protection

Comprehensive protection for Your Sweet Home


  • All-round protection for your home contents even during transit to your new home
  • Additional cover for your temporary accommodation as a result of an accident
  • Building structure protection
  • Optional selection suit your specify needs

    (including personal valuables, third party liability and employer’s liability)


Travel Insurance

Anytime Anywhere Travel Protection 


Single Trip/Year-round Travel Protection

Three grades of travel protection can meet your journey needs.  (With Optional Top Ups)