Application & Requirement

Requirements Gathering

Hong Kong Permanent Resident or possesses company employment contract proving employment in Hong Kong.
Below are the required documents.

Domestic helper application step 01

Copy of Employer’s HKID Card

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Eligible employer must possess Hong Kong ID. For employers who are in applying for HKID, copy of passport and work visa may require.

Income proof

Income Proofs (Choose One of the following)

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  1. Must meet the basic requirement of an annual household income of no less than HK$180,000. If you are going to hire 2 helpers, your annual income should be HK$180,000.- x 2 and so on.
    • Monthly salary of HK$15,000. (for the last consecutive 6 months)
    • The latest demand for tax issued by the Inland Revenue Department (HK$180,000)
    • Last 6 months bank fixed deposit > HK$360,000.*Must show salary statement of the past 6 months and the name of the bank account holder
    • Original copy of Letter from Bank
    • Original copy of Letter from company stating the annual salary of a person. *the combination from a couple or with other family members is also accepted, but the evidence must be in the same format.
  2. If one party is acting as employer but without income proof, the other party must provide evidence:
    • Copy of Marriage Certificate (Marriage Relationship: If the marriage certificate is lost, birth certificate of kids may be used as proof of marital relationship.)
    • The latest demand for tax issued by the Inland Revenue Department
    • Copy of Birth Certificate (Parents and Children Relationship)
    • Copy of Birth Certificate (Siblings Relationship)
Address proof

Address Proof

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Demand for rates/ water/ electricity bills/ gas/ /home telephone (bills with your spouse name will only be accepted upon submission of marriage proof)

Please supply proof document from Housing Department if living in public housing estates. (Must also submit letter from Housing Department and photos)

Household Information Names

Household Information

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English name in full, date of birth and HKID number (passport number and birth certificate number is also valid)

Letter of Guarantee
If you want to employ domestic helpers for your parents or family, you have to submit proofs of relationship and a letter of guarantee stating that you will be responsible for all expenses.

If you already hired a Domestic Helper
Photo copy of the HKID of domestic helper, employment contract and passport.

Letter of Guarantee

Accommodation  & Facilities Requirements

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Employer shall provide suitable accommodation and with reasonable privacy. Examples of unsuitable accommodation are: The Helper having to sleep made-do beds in the corridor with little privacy and sharing a room with an adult/ teenager of the opposite sex.

Essential Facilities
Helper shall be provided light and water supply, toliet and bathing facilities, bed, blackets or quilt, pillows, Wardrobe, Refrigerator, Desk etc.

If you already hired a Domestic Helper

Employer’s Responsibilities

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Employers shall provide the followings to helpers

  • Not less than Minimum Allowable Wages HK$4,520
  • 1 Rest Day per a week
  • 12 Statuary Holiday + min. 7 days paid annual leave per a calendar year
  • Shall provide free medical treatment if helper is ill or suffers personal injury during the employment period. Workmen Insurance is compulsory.
  • Employment Protection & Sickness Allowance
  • Free Return Passage and Food & Travelling Allowance
  • Severance Payment & Long Service Payment
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