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Company Background - Long History


Technic Employment Service Centre Limited, established for 30 years, has solid experience in providing private household employment services and has already provided consultant services to over 70,000 families in the territory. Currently running 6 outlets in Hong Kong, the company is being well recognized and has been receiving favorable comments from customers.

Technic pronounces its mission to provide excellent and professional employment consultant services. The Company places great emphasis on its management, technical and operational abilities to offer customers a professional and competent service, with an ultimate goal to provide customers intelligent solutions for domestic employment services to allow a warm home service.



First in Industry to be Accredited International Standards -
Customers' Confidence Guarantee


Technic is continually striving to improve its efficiency and customer satisfaction through its experiences and techniques, at the same time protection of customer's information & privacy are also important. This is implemented through the management skills and teamwork that has developed over the years.

The Company is the first in the industry to be accredited ISO 9001:2008 in 2009.


Protection for Customers' Privacy


The Company handles information security with equal priority as quality and commits to adhere to the principle on confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information including customer, employee and company specific information. The core business of Technic is to process application of hiring domestic helpers that involves the handling of high volume customers' personal data. In order to protect the best interest of all customers, policies are in force to guide all staff in the enterprise to perform risk assessment and to ensure that all relevant information and assets in the core business processes are under secured and protected conditions.

Customers are, therefore, best protected for their personal data and rest assured of their privacy with patronage at Technic, which is beyond compared by other employment consultant agencies in the territory.



Professional Training for Superb Standard of Domestic Helpers


In order to ensure the quality of the domestic helpers, Technic has set up overseas training centers for improving the standard of domestic helpers before arrivals to Hong Kong, and has direct hired professional and well-experienced consultants stationed in Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia for interviewing and selecting applicants with years of working experience directly.

All qualified domestic helpers selected by Technic possess good education level, domestic work experience, no bad habits, no criminal offence record, good personality and good health condition with medical proof.

To enhance the capability of the newly arrived foreign domestic helpers and their ability to adapt to the new environment in Hong Kong cater for the requirements from employers. Technic has joint hands with Caritas Adult & Higher Education Services Centre to organize and launch the "Comprehensive Training Course for Foreign Domestic Helpers" since 2004. The course is the unique and the first course of the industry in town.


Future Development


Furthermore, with the advancement of computer technology, Technic will further improve its full-computerized operation by implementing an on-line service via the Internet for the greater convenience of customers.

Technic will continually striving for providing excellent and professional employment consultant services with ever improving quality standards as well as exploration of new business opportunity serving the best interests of customers.